Zion Lutheran School – Anaheim, CA

LEADERBOARD for Grades 3, 4 and 5-6


Grade 3 Class Points Level
Name Mrs. Dunbar 10,000 CHAMPION


You did it! You worked as a team, you reached the top, and you are armed as champions in the Lord.

Now, get ready and go forth with God’s Holy Word to LIVE for Him and change the world for Christ.

Blessings to you from our family here at Bible REPLAY Curriculum!

Grade 4 Class Points Level
Name Ms. Root 8,210 WARRIOR

Grades 5-6 Class Points Level
Name Ruben Jimenez 9,215 WINNER
Name Tony Nguyen 9,140 WINNER
Name Miles Fenn 8,905 WINNER
Name Grace Huchel 8,815 WINNER
Name Amaris Mendez 8,365 WINNER
Name Isabella Fujimoto 8,050 WARRIOR
Name Noah Wons 7,920 VICTOR
Name Matthew Gallegos 7,170 PERFORMER
Name Connor Johnson 6,585 DEFEATER
Name Mrs. Marinaccio 3,255 GUARDIAN
Name Declan Eaton 2,255 SUPERIOR
Name Conway Ho 1,760 SURVIVOR
Name Andrew Neung 630 COMPETITOR
Name Aurora O'Connell Oliver 35 READY!