OLD: How to Play Dean-o REPLAY©


A quick overview:

Dean-o REPLAY© is 6 Encounters (representing themed albums) that each contain 12 Courses (representing scriptures and accompanying songs). Each course is built on 5 unique video activities – Tune Bubbler©, Word Bundler©, Truth Buzzer©, Lyric Builder© and Motto Buster© – that each end with a quiz. Players simply follow this set sequence: engage video, take quiz, move to next Lesson, collect points, engage video, etc. Users always enter to play through the REPLAY© roadmap: ENCOUNTER – COURSE – LESSON. It’s easy to follow, and it’s a blast!

A detailed roadmap to follow:

    1. New users: After registering, follow the links to get to the first encounter, then follow steps 2-4 below. Current users: Click Play Again in the Play menu, log in, then click the Play Again badge to CONTINUE YOUR ADVENTURE and follow steps 2-4 below:
    2. ENCOUNTER: Follow Step 1 of 2 by clicking the Encounter you are currently playing in. New users click SOUL SURFIN’ Encounter 1 to begin.
    3. COURSE: Follow Step 2 of 2 by clicking the Course you are currently playing in. New users click Course 01: Soul Surfin’ (Acts 17:2-3) to begin.
    4. LESSON: Next, click a Lesson. Lessons are played in order. New users click Tune Bubbler© 01. Once inside, read the brief lesson instructions. Note: the Course passage will always be shown in the Tune Bubbler© lesson, just above the video, as shown below:

      09 Passage Drop.001

A guide for all Lessons:

    1. Enjoy interacting with videos by reading bubble facts, reciting the passage, observing key words, singing along, and more! REPLAY videos to catch more the second time. It’s fun! Also, use pause and full screen features with the controls, as shown below:Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.02.03 PM
    2. After viewing a video, click VIEW THE LESSON QUIZ below the video. Each quiz contains 15 questions, with COMPLETE, SAVE and RESET options at the bottom of each quiz.
    3. Use COMPLETE QUIZ when ready to be graded, SAVE QUIZ to REPLAY a video and return, and RESET QUIZ to retake and achieve 100%, which is required to move to the next lesson!
    4. After completing a quiz and moving to the next lesson, you’ll notice a “You’ve got REPLAY Points badge just above the video in your next Lesson. Simply click the badge to collect!

A few tips to keep rolling:

    1. Use the navigation button at the bottom of a quiz to move to the next lesson. Have a Bible handy when you play and use a notepad and pencil in case you want to take notes.
    2. Don’t forget your points! After each quiz, click the points badge located above the video in your next lesson. Simply look for the Points Badges, as shown below:

      Lesson 35.001

    3. Within each Course, a color bar keeps track of your progress. In the top right corner, view My REPLAY© Points: complete with your player name, running total and player ranking.
    4. Be sure to check the DR FAQs page under the Grow menu at the top of each page for answers to additional questions, and have a blast with Dean-o REPLAY©!