Mission & Tips

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Hi moms and dads!

We understand that busy parents want to help their kids know and believe God’s Word, and eventually own their faith. With Bible REPLAY©, we’re introducing a Bible Discovery Adventure for Christian Schools to come alongside teachers and parents to, as one enthusiastic mom told us, “teach God’s Word to my children while completely entertaining them. Brilliant!”

Our Mission:

To provide Christian schools & families with a revolutionary system that entertains and engages their elementary-aged children to know & believe God’s Word.

The Difference:

Bible REPLAY© combines the power of scripture, online learning and music to: 1) enhance Christian Education with a new method of engagement & measurement, 2) capture children with media-driven learning, and 3) provide parents with practical home talking points.

The Value:  (3-Component System)

FIRST, the classroom curriculum equips teachers with creative lessons that uncover both the weekly online Bible Passages plus parallel Bible stories with background, discussion & practical application. NEXT, the Online Adventure engages students at home or on the go through 5 video adventures and quizzes per week, complete with point rewards, achievement levels and leaderboards. FINALLY, the Musical Encounter transforms 72 core Bible passages and brings teaching themes to life, making learning a celebration as the retention of God’s Word is fueled by the powerful gift of music!

Parent Tips:

  1. START by watching the Parent “Get Going” Tutorial located in the main menu under Parents/Get Going (Video). After viewing the tutorial, click “Register” from the top main menu. You must register each child separately with their own email address, username and password.
  2. CONTINUE the learning adventure with all future logins by clicking “Play” from the top main menu, logging in and selecting your child’s Grade Adventure.
  3. ADD to the fun by writing the weekly Bible Passages out on 3×5 cards and keeping them in the car or around the house for memorization.
  4. FIND opportunities to review the video adventures and quizzes with your child to create home talking points.
  5. USE all platforms to help your child complete assignments, including desktop and laptop computers, iPads and even smart phones.