OLD: Dean-o’s Story

Story Shot

A moment captured: the ’99 Soul Surfin’ tour

It all began in 1997 and has spread across the U.S. with well over 1,700 performances in 40 states and a Dove Award nomination for children’s album of the year with SOUL SURFIN’.


During these events and performances, over 10,000 children made first-time decisions to give their lives to Christ at concerts, camps, chapels, VBS weeks and large crusades.

Starting with a crystal-clear calling received from the Lord at 15, Dean-o set on a course to work with youth and graduated from BIOLA “U” in ’86 with a BS in Christian Ed. and a minor in Biblical Theology. Dean-o is known for his energy and tenacity in reaching kids with the gospel, never forgetting he was a teen before hearing the good news of Jesus.

Married to his wife Karen, their greatest accomplishments are three beautiful daughters – Jordan, Madison and Mackenzie. Dean-o’s influences include his dad as a boyhood coach, his mother as a teacher of music & art, his youth Pastors and mentors who taught him the good news, and the pop hits of the ’60’s, which led to the retro-rockin’ sound of Dean-o and the Dynamos! Dean-o considers his ministry as an absolute gift from the Lord.

The musical journey began with the production of 2 live recordings in ’95 and ’96, followed by a shift to the studio for the 1st Dean-o and the Dynamos CD, YOU GOT IT ALL, recorded in the summer of ’97 and hailed as a “phenomenon” for kid’s Christian music. A “wave” of hits followed with SOUL SURFIN’ as Dean-o hit the road full-time in ’99, and in 2001, GOD CITY blazed an innovative musical trail to heaven with Dean-o’s 3rd CD. In 2003, discussions with families following the events of 9/11 inspired the release of the powerful GAME FACE CD as Dean-o continued to perform and teach God’s Word nationally.

In 2005, Dean-o felt the call to reach children in a dual role as both a children’s Pastor and musical evangelist, which inspired the recording and release of SALVATION SPEEDWAY in 2007 and SEEKERMANIA, Dean-o’s 6th CD, in 2010.

And the story continues here with the debut of Dean-o REPLAY© in 2013. After years of receiving nationwide inquiries from parents seeking a tool to help them creatively teach the Bible to their kids, Dean-o set out to meet this challenge head-on with his unique, Bible-teaching music library. After five years of relentless pursuit, God opened the door with Dean-o REPLAY©, the first musically-driven Online Interactive Bible Adventure for Kids.