Chapels and Family Concerts

An Opportunity for added celebration and inspiration

Chapels and Family Concerts are available for partner schools who wish to have Dean-o — our founder of Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ — visit their campus with an energetic chapel or evening concert that has dazzled students and parents for over 20 years. Dean-o’s music and message will provide a fun and motivating experience for your entire school, and for the whole family!

Dean-o’s 60-minute chapel performance or live concert consists of the original music featured in the Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ Encounters, enhanced by active choreography led by the students, and powered by a relevant gospel message for all ages.

Born out of a 20-year Musical Tradition

LIVE performances with Dean-o follow an 8-album discography and 3 decades of children’s ministry in which Dean-o became nationally-recognized in a dual role as both a Children’s Pastor and Musical Evangelist. Dean-o has toured the U.S. since 1997 to perform at churches, schools, camps and festivals such as the Luis Palau, Harvest and Franklin Graham Crusades, and anchored the 3-day Salvation Army World Trade Center outreach in NYC to the families of 9/11 and donated 10,310 CDs in that effort.

In nearly 1,900 venues, Dean-o has seen over 13,500 children come to know Christ and was recognized with a Dove Award nomination for kid’s album of the year from the Gospel Music Association® (GMA). Today, Dean-o’s LIVE chapel performances and family concerts support the implementation of Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ in a quest to equip the next generation of children with the gospel of Christ.

Contact Lisa Cain for booking at (949) 392-2619.

All booking begins in early August for available fall and spring dates during the academic year. NOTE: “Fly” dates outside of southern California also require travel expenses.